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Tancuj,tancuj vykrůca,vykrůcaj XD

26. srpna 2009 v 21:18 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Sate mináááááááááá!!!!

Hej lidi,já jsem totálně vyřízená XD,páš jsme s kámojdou vymýšleli nějakej tanec....samo,že Hip-Hop XD mno já se koukala na Step up Let´s Dance,tak jsem to chytla od Endy a musela jsem začít taky tancovat,když mě to šíííííleně baví XD a navíc ta´tka to taky tancuje a řeknu vám,že valí XD myslím to vážně XD divná to rodina jsme,co? XDJeště nemáme ani polovinu....když my jsme se sekli u takovýho pomalýho rytmu a já nevim co na to mám vymyslet,když to předtím je s nohama,tak tohle musí být s rukama,ale jak budeme pokračovat dál,tak to už víme XDJá jsem te´d vylezla z vany a je to skvělý,páč jsem byla pžedtím úúúúúplně spocená XD tak já du Sayo!!!

myslím ten pictík...

Peklo vás vždy přivítá...

Téééést XD

26. srpna 2009 v 18:02 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Jak si dělala Carmen ten test,tak jsem neodolala a musela jsem hned taky a vyšlo mi tohle:
Moje postava je ok,ale Kakashiho bych měla ráda spíš,jako kámoše XD Carmen uděláme výměnu myslím s chlapama???XD Já mám stejně ráda Hytsugayu XD

Name: Hidako Sasara
Age: 26
Rank: Tokubetsu Jonin; former ANBU member
Village: Konohagakure
Past: Sasara was born the second child and first daughter to the leader of a small clan in the Land of Rain, its hidden village being Amegakure. She grew up with only seeing war infront of her doorsteps and had to learn earlier how to defeat herself - thus achieving jonin rank with the age of 13. Her older brother already being an ANBU squad leader, it wasn't till long until she ran the same path as him, becoming an ANBU member with the age of 15. After the civil war broke out in Amegakure, the Hidako Clan was forced to leave their village to protect the lives of the elders and children and were allowed to settle down in Konohagakure. Hidako Arata, Sasara's older brother, quickly got in with the Konoha ANBU again but much to Sasara's dismay she wasn't put into his squad but under the orders of Hatake Kakashi. Although they couldn't stand each others personalities - Kakashi being an emotionless idiot to Sasara and Sasara being an annoying b*tch to Kakashi - their team work was amazingly aligned and they perfectly balanced each others weaknesses and strenghts out. A few years later Sasara left Kakashi's ANBU squad only to achieve the rank of Tokubetsu Jonin with 23 years and becoming the youngest elite teacher of pre-Chunin ninja ever. Being a specialist in the areas of chakra control and elemental jutsus, she is currently assigned to Kakashi as a subordinate to help him train Team 7.

Personality: In early years Sasara hated it to be called an annoying b*tch by Kakashi but figured that he started to take a liking in teasing her and now takes it as a complement, stating that it's true. Sasara is a very confident and lightheaded person and thus a lot of people class her as arrogant - though she's exactly the opposite. Sasara appreciates her life a lot and is still a rather happy person considering after all she had seen in her life already. To that she is very playful and loves to tease Kakashi by either stealing his book or trying to remove his mask in public - thus she also enjoys to prank people with Naruto. But apart from this, Sasara is a very tough and strong shinobi that would risk her life without thinking twice to protect the ones she loves. Her specialities are to perform the four elements, some even with one-handed seals, giving her the nickname Kouyou ninja no Sasara (element ninja Sasara). On top of this, Sasara is always anxious to teach younger shinobi and pass her knowledge on to them. Although Kakashi and Sasara are good in hiding their feelings and relationship to each other in public, they are dating since more than four years already.
Naruto: Sasara is awesome. She's like a mom, sister and friend in one and it's so much fun to hang out with her and prank people. But she can also be very strict and her punches hurt a lot more than the ones of Sakura-chan. Oh... and Sasara-sensei and Kakashi-sensei make a great couple. *winks because he knows it*)
Sakura: She is so cool! Her chakra control is so amazing and she is a specialist in elemental jutsu... she can even perform a justu that combines all four elements with each other and then the sky gets all foggy and then she turns the wind into a tornado and fire shoots out of the ground and- *so on! o.O*
Sasuke: She's alright... Her skills are great and she wants to help me control my fire techniques better even though I don't need her help! *he's glad you train him*
Hinata: Sasara-sensei is a very nice person. She helped me... train a few weeks ago... and I won the battle although I know she... let me win. *smiles warmly*
Kiba: It's strange to say considering our age difference but... she is the hottest freaking shinobi in all of Konoha!!!
Shino: She said I'm a friggin cool guy...?! *blushes a bit ^^*
Neji: She gave me a few advices of how I can fully use my techniques without that I drain too much of chakra. I have to admit that she really knows a lot about chakra control and isn't a Tokubetsu Jonin for nothing.
TenTen: She is the youngest Tokubetsu Jonin in the history of this lands and... I want to be like her when I'm older! *cheers*
Rock Lee: She found her own way of youth and that makes me so happy... *starts sobbing*
Temari: She showed me a technique especially for wind shinobi that use a fan. She's my wind sorceress! Sasara-san is pretty cool and not such a cold brick like the sensei's I know...
Gaara: She challenged me... and during we fought she showed me how she controls her earth techniques without using too much amount of chakra. I think... I like her...
Kankuro: CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE THAT SHE SHOWED GAARA HOW TO CONTROL HIS SAND BETTER??? ...come on, that's scary! But she's hot! *winks*
Ino: She has a great fashion sense and I really enjoy to go shopping with her. She is really cool... although she told me I shouldn't change my occupation from ninja into fangirl. *rofl*
Chouji: She calls me her squishy?! o.O
Shikamaru: *sleeps*
Kakashi: I lied several times about all people that mean something to me being dead. Sasara means a lot to me, to be honest she means everything to me and manages to turn my world upside down with every day. Sometimes she can be rather elusive so you'll never know with what she'll come up next. Sometimes she can be bossy and still likes to be an annoying b*tch from time to time but... all those things make her such an exciting woman. I love her and so it was the next logical step for me to ask her a certain question... *squeals <3*
Gai: Ha, my all time favourite rival and his stunning lady that knocked me into a tree once because I wanted to- *you don't want to know what he wanted :-P* But Kakashi is a lucky bastard!
Tsunade: I love Sasara! She's a great shinobi and does an excellent job as elite teacher. It's a lot of fun to spend our weekly Friday nights with drinking sake, gambling and chatting about everything and anything... but it's even more fun when we stumble our ways back home. *grins brightly*
Third Hokage: One of the most talented and strongest shinobi I had the pleasure to meet. There are many people that don't like her for being such a free-thinker and that she freely shows her emotions, thus she stands out of the usual ninja ways but I guess that's exactly what makes Sasara-san so extraordinary. It's her way of the ninja.
Jiraiya: She is the reason I absolutely love the Sexy No Jutsu technique! She is a sexy no jutsu!
Asuma: Kakashi always teases me and Kurenai if were on a date or why we spend so much time together... what is he doing?! I know they're dating. I know it... really... I do. *he doesn't.*
Kurenai: I will get major problems if Sasara finds out that I told you this but... she soon will change her last name if you get my meaning.
Pein: Kouyou ninja no Sasara hn?! Very interesting shinobi that could cause immense problems to the Akatsuki so I will keep my eyes on her.
Itachi: I usually hold my opponents cheap but she is a single exception. They say her skills are deadly and supposedly it's impossible to defeat her and Kakashi-san if they fight together... Hn, well see about that.
Kisame: If she is an elemental ninja she also uses water techniques. It'll be interesting to see of what she's capable of when we'll ever fight in my element.
Hidan: I don't care how strong she is. I'm immortal. *goes back to praying*
Kakuza: Is she rich?
Zetsu: Leader? Can I eat her? *NO!*
Tobi: Tobi has heard about her... and Tobi says he's scared of her!
Deidara: The name rings a bell yeah... Isn't she the one that is capable of using all four elements at the same time? I also heard that she is one of the few shinobi that can perform one hand seals yeah? Tough girly.
Sasori: I could make use of an elemental puppet.
Orochimaru: I hate her father! I hate her mother! I hate her brother and I even hate her two little brothers... But most of all I hate her!!! *in the past you killed three guys that should become his containers; more explanation?*

Liked it? Let me know...


24. srpna 2009 v 15:37 | Carmen Hatake
noo tak jsem si dělala takovej testík jaky bych přibližně vypadala v anime no a toto mi vyšlo x_X sice černou ráda,,lae itachiho no není to nůj favorit.

Name: Momochi Kasumi
Rank: Missing-nin; Akatsuki Member
Village: Village Hidden in the Mist
Past: Kasumi got born in the Village Hidden in the Mist to Momochi Kenshin and his wife Akina and this makes her the niece of Momochi Zabuza. Her mother died of blood loss when she gave birth to her, her father - a criminal - got killed from the ANBU when Kasumi was seven years old. After the death of both her parents, her uncle took care of her and started to train her to become a shinobi and thus being able to take revenge. When Zabuzu joined the formation of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, she met Hoshigaki Kisame and became his apprentice - this later leading to her association with Akatsuki. When she had turned 14 and parted ways with Zabuza, she finally got the change to avenge her father and killed two ANBU squads with the help of her sensei, Kisame. After he came in contact with Akatsuki, she joined the organisation herself with 16 years and is now a highly respected and top member.

Personality: Kasumi is known for her fits of rages thus very hot tempered and hard to control. To that she likes to play a dominate part and sometimes hates to follow orders from others. Usually she is rather emotionless, coldhearted and cunning - in other words: she would betray nearly everyone to get what she wants and with that achieve her own goals. Her weapon of choice is a huge iron sword which she named Kurushikon - painful fang. She is also capable of performing different kinds of jutsus with the self-invented sword of her father - either using the element of darkness which she mastered or forbidden jutsus which she learned from her father when she was still young.

Naruto: I've never met her before and I actually believe I don't want to. I only heard from Kakashi-sensei that she is considered to be very violent, powerful and takes no shame in killing people. But considering that the Akatsuki is after me for the Kyuubi, I will have to train a lot more to be able to beat her.
Sakura: I never expected I would ever say that but... same as Naruto. I just hope were able to defeat her and get her as far away from Naruto as possible.
Sasuke: I don't know her yet. I've only heard that she and a certain man are more than just partners. I personally wouldn't mind meeting her to see what she really is capable of but like I said: I don't know her yet.
Hinata: I've... never met her... and I don't like her already.
Kiba: I was in the forest to train with Akamaru when he suddenly started to shake with fear. Even worse as when he saw Gaara... The next day my sister said she saw a woman near Konoha that looked exactly like her. If it really was her, I guess I was really lucky that she didn't kill me.
Shino: There's a rumor that she and two other Akatsuki members are in Konoha. And I hope it stays a rumor...
Neji: In some way I would like to fight her but on the other hand she would probably kill me without thinking twice considering she is the only shinobi that uses forbidden jutsu's on a daily base - her destiny is sealed.
TenTen: I don't want to meet her.
Rock Lee: NO YOUTH!
Temari: I don't want to meet anyone that is stronger than Gaara because that is really scary.
Gaara: *refuses comment* O.O
Kankuro: She's not only considered to be one of the strongest shinobi's but also one of the most violent and most merciless. But she's still hot... Can't even blame the Uchiha can you?!
Ino: I really like her eyeshadow.
Chouji: *lets chips bag fall and runs away*
Shikamaru: Women. There all troublesome... and she probably the most.
Kakashi: She already got born in a village that is known for being violent and merciless. I guess if she had other idols than Zabuzu or Kisame she wouldn't be the way she is now... though she nearly killed me once - when she was 15. I don't want to know how much stronger she got in the past four years.
Gai: She has absolutely no youth at all and I doubt she'll ever find it! *he's scared so he doesn't want to say anything that could anger you*
Asuma: My father told me about her past once and I felt sorry for her, loosing both her parents at such a young age. But then he told me that she killed two ANBU squads at once when she was just 13 years old. My sympathy turned pretty quick into disrespect. She is way too strong for her own good.
Kurenai: I only heard about her. Let's just hope she never comes to Konoha or we all face death.
Tsunade: With Momochi Kasumi joining the Akatsuki, this organisation reached a sinister level of danger and can cause a lot of damage to Konoha and other villages. She has a great knowledge of jutsus, uses darkness elements and is a deadly swordswoman... Do I need to say more?!
Jiraiya: Wooooooohhhhhhh! It's time for a research!
Third Hokage: She got born with so much power that it's frightening. At first I became troubled when I found out that she is releated with one of the Swordsmen, trains with them and became one of the members apprentices... a mere girl that killed two ANBU squads and strained through the villages with a Hidden Mist Swordsman. And now... now she joined the Akatsuki and soon an immense force will shake Konoha to the very foundations.
Pein: When Kisame appeared with this brat for the first time, I've never expected her to become a top member of Akatsuki. She really is a great enrichment for this organisation and will cause an immense stir when I let her loose.
Itachi: Kasumi understands me and my ambitions better than anyone else. She supports my decision - something not many people do and I'm grateful for that. I like her dominat strand and her self-assertion, the ability to put everyone in their places... She really is... she is my... equal. *he hasn't said the three magic words yet but he loves you*
Kisame: Ha, when I first saw the little Momochi I couldn't do different than do erupt in laughter. She on the other hand didn't like that very much and trapped me into a darkness illusion... It quickly became clear of what she's capable of and so I took her in as an apprentice, training her to a first-class swordswoman. That girl has been through a lot with me and was constantely at my side so I still feel a little irritated about her and Itachi-san. *he hasn't just friendly feelings for you. congrats ^^*
Deidara: Damn it, look at that chick yeah! If it wasn't for Itachi, who would kill me without thinking if I hit on her, I would have done it a while ago yeah. But apart from her hot looks, she is a smashing shinobi and I'm glad she is in the same oganisation I'm in... I don't want her to go after me yeah.
Zetsu: I want to eat her... but she would kill me before I'm even close enough to do so. And if it's not her it would be Itachi so you see, no way around.
Hidan: Oh Kasumi. Well, she respects my religion so I respect her as well. She treats me pretty good actually and I like to have her around... if she has a good day, she can be quite nice so she brings a whole different flair into the oganistion. Though I really don't understand what she's doing with the Uchiha. *I have a flair for jealousy*
Kakuzu: Short and crisp - I know she is still open for surprises and I can't wait to see them.
Tobi: Kasumi likes Tobi, Tobi likes Kasumi because Tobi is a good boy... but Kasumi suddenly liked the bad boy more. Why? *T.T*
Orochimaru: I planned to make her mine after her father died but then this Swordsmen appeared and brought my plan to nought by protecting and teaching her. At the level she is now, it's as good as impossible to beat her in a battle... and that damn Uchiha is constantely at her side.

Liked it? Let me know...


24. srpna 2009 v 15:09 | Carmen Hatake
Sate, sate, sate...
heheee taaaak po dlouhééé dovbě se hlásím páč se mi vysypali oba compy ted sem na mamačinym praconim m+ tam pustila XD no dnes sme byli pleni obchody stejně tak v úterý XD no tam sem v new yourkru našla stovku na zemi noco všchno se šikne XDDDDDD a co vy lidi já čekám až i taťka zařídí pay pall abych si mohla z netu objednat sukni XD no doufám e se s Akiko potkám brzo na ICQ potřebujup okecat no nic taaaaak víte jak je ta reklama na KFC na ten strips prej : "Spadlo vám někdy něco z nebe? "já :" JO ptačí hovno na tričko."Babička s tetou se smály nejlepší bylo stejně ale to jak mamka vyprala taťkovi kalhoty i s pěnězma, přišla na to při žehlení tak ty peníze vytáhla s kapsy a vyžehlila XD pak pěkně voněly..nee fakt po aviváži XD no tak já končím heheeee sayo sayo.

Fotka z fes´táku.

23. srpna 2009 v 21:07 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Ták tady je fotka z več nic moc...taky byl večer,že? XD ale snad to stačí XD

Tady je:

Kecám běžte si pod perex.........já vím jsem zlá XD

Pankáči útočí a Jirka mi dupe na nohu XD

23. srpna 2009 v 20:54 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Hi people XD Takže kašlu na všechno okolí a na blog prostě články přidávat budu....sice né tak často,ale budu XD navíc už jsem vysmátá a je mi fajn.Ti pankáči byli úplně skvělý měli jsme tam jít včera,ale nakonec nešli,páč pršelo...já byla samo naštvaná,páč jsme se museli nastrojit,tak aby jsme k nim a tak já celá natěšená tahám ze skříně černý věci k tomu černý stíny,černý nehty a černou čelenku s lebkama,na vlasech připnutej červenej pramínek jinak mám dva melíry na bokách a konce vlasů obarvený na černo XD no a tak jsem byla celá černá XD.Dneska jsme měli v plánu opíkat na naší chatě a tak jsme se rozhodli,že se pojedeme na kole podívat tam jak to tam bylo.A takovej bordel všude kelímky prostě hrůza :D jsem zvědavá,jak to budou uklízet ti pořadatelé,když na to mají jenom dva dny XD.No a tak jsme jeli až tam kde bylo to pódio a byl tam stejnej chlív,jako všude kolem stánky tam byly ještě postavený prostě nádhera v tom se tam váleli úplně na mol ožralá pankači XD.A tak jsme to chtěli projet dál a Jirka (To je kámoš pokud se mu tak říkat dá,když mi dneska na schvál dupl na nohu a mně se ten nehet na noze odtrhl a jde mi tam vidět maso XD)prostě musel machrovat a chtěl zvednout kolo na zadní samozřejmě spadl a všichni se mu začali smát on sám sobě se tam smál a já se prostě neudržela a musela taky XD a ten jeden chlap(pankáč,kterej měl kohouta ještě dobrýho,páč všichni ostatní ho měli schlehlího XD)"Hej kluku jezdi pomalu."Já už sem neměla,co říct,páč jsem byla z toho všeho vysmátá XD.No a tak jsme to chtěli všechno projet jenomže,tam stála přez celou silnici policie a my jsme neměli kudy projet XD a já jsem tam sledovala jednoho chlapa,kterej byl ožralej úpně samo na mol XD a on se tam zvedal a nějak mu to nešlo furt tam padal XD a když jsme odjížděli,tak jsem se na něho ještě koukla a to co jsem viděla no hnus!On tam zrovna chcal a do potoka!!!!!!!!!!!!Já myslela,že se pobliju no a tak jsme pak jeli na tu chatu a tam mi Jirka dupl na tu nohu a ještě jsme se s Dendou(Jirkova starší ségra) a Jirkou vydali k rybníku prostě super den XD Možná jsem dám i jednu fotku,jaký to tam bylo večer.


21. srpna 2009 v 14:15 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Ahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooj!Tady je to k zbláznění né u nás doma...teda u nás doma taky,ale i venku.Všude tam chodí pankáči a my,jako vždy je sledujeme,když mě fascinuje,jak mají načesaný a nabarvený ty vlasy XD.A ještě k tomu se pojedeme podívat na ten fes´ták,já se tak těšíííííím možná dneska a nebo zítra prostě sranda XD.Ale to není to hlavní věděli jste,že by měla být druhá řada Suzumiye Haruhi???To bude skvělý ne???Já se tááááák strašně těším ještě víc,jak na ty opankáče XD Teda doufám,že to vážně a ještě něco juá jsem asi vážně expert na strácení mobilů.Jako já ho nestratila,ale vypla jsem si zvuk,páč mi kámoš ze školy večer posílal SMS a já jsem nemohla spát,tak jsem vypla zvuk a dala jsem si ho na stůl,ale ráno tad nebyl a já te´d vůbec nevím kde je.Prostě fakt dobrý XD

Jo a tady je Opening a Ending



Doufám,že jste se na to koukli :)

Od Chii-chan za Tipovačku.

18. srpna 2009 v 13:49 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Od vás pro mě
Společnej diplom...


18. srpna 2009 v 9:19 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Oznámení
Moji miláčci,omlouvám se,že jsem tady týden nebyla,ale nešel nám internet a naví u nás doma je to te´d hrozný :( všichni se hádají a pokud bylo třídění,tak se omlouvám,že jsem se nezapsala.Ještě musím dodat,že jsem se koukala na Gejšu minulý rok a strašně jsem ji chtěla vidět ještě jednou a Nova mi to splnila....a Carmen te´d vůbec nevím,jak dopadne ten Animefeest možná se tam dostanu a možn tak ne...jenomže u nás doma to je fakt hrozný možná s mamkou budeme te´dka sami mně to nevadí naopak jsem š´tastná,ale mamka není a tak te´dka budu hodně pomáhat,nevím jestli budu chodit na blog,Sbénka možná potom oběhnu,ale snad jo já si na to čas udělám :) tak Sayo..

My heart will go on & Without you

16. srpna 2009 v 17:03 | Carmen Hatake
Tak tohle jsou moje moje milovaný písničky jsou trochu starší a já jsem spíš rockovej a metalovej typ,ale tyhle miluju

taak a tady je titanic

My heard will go on

9. srpna 2009 v 21:31 | Carmen Hatake
Taaka lidii no tak jako no tak jsem nahráal písničku od titanicu na flétnu je to o trochu výš než by mělo,ale níž to nejde páč jsou tam noty na flétnu nehratelný XD no tak doufám že se vám to bude lbit, jo a moje Akiko-chan měla pravdu že tu písničku naprosto miluju XD

na tože vypadám jak smeták se prosím nedívejte byla sem na kopaliišti XD

Sakra dávejte reklamy tam,kam patří!!!

9. srpna 2009 v 12:31 | Akiko/Aoy Hytsugaya |  Oznámení
Tak sakra lidi,já už toho mám dost!Ti,kteří to dodržují a davají reklamy tam kam patří jsou super,ale TI,kteří to nedodržují mám dost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To jste slepí,nebo co?A nějaká blbá omluva,jako je tohle,,A promiń,jestli to sem nepatří." a nebo,,Neber to,jako reklemu."Fakt jestli to ještě JEDNOU uvidím,tak se fakt naštvu ZDAR!

Pro Sbé!

8. srpna 2009 v 13:03 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Oznámení
Takže Sbénka chystejte se,že až skončí prázdniny,tak bude třídění!Ještě jsem žádný nedávala a jak jsem si všimla,tak na můj blog některá Sbénka nechodí,tak pokud se nezápíšou jsou kaput!Jinak ty Sbénka,která mi nechávají komenty ty vím,že se určitě zapíšou,tak se chystejte,že jak bude první den školy bude tady třídění.Jo a ještě jsem vám chtěla říct,že tady tři nebo čtyři dny nebudu,páč budeme mít jinačí učitelku a taky śe naše třída spojí s Áčkem nebo Céčkem j bych radši to Ačko,ale tam je jedna holka,která je docela dost namyšlená...mno nevím a důvod proč tady nebudu je,že pojedeme někam na hory nw kam a tam bude ty tři nebo čtyři dny.Jenom jsem vám to chtěla říct stejně vám to pak oznámím,tak zatím bye bye.

Nemehlo.....zase XD

7. srpna 2009 v 17:42 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Hm proč nemehlo?Protože jsem prostě nemehlo XD.Mno tak jsme šli s mamkou do penny něco nakoupit,já jsem řekla,že vezmu rohlíky a já nevim přesně,jak se tomu říká,jak jsou na tom ty rohlíky a když tam nejsou ty rohlíky,tak si to přitáhneš k sobě a ty rohlíky tam spadnou.Mno a já jsem za to zatáhla,že no a jako naschvál se ty rohlíky rozsypali na zem XD Všichni tam na mě čučeli a já,jak jsem držela ten pytlík,tak jsem řekla"Pardón já za to nemůžu...někdy se to,ale stane,ne?"tohle jsem řekla XD No prostě super.XDDDDD.

Za bleskovku od Chii-chan

7. srpna 2009 v 13:38 | Akiko/Aoy Hytsugaya |  Od vás pro mě
Arigato gozaimasu,hontoni arigato!

My Heart will go on (Dance Remix)- NaruxHina

7. srpna 2009 v 13:04 | Akiko/Aoy Hytsugaya |  videa
Prosím koukněte se na to je to strašně krásný prostě nádhera!Hlavně Carmen se podívej ty na to vypadá to ,že máš ráda tu písničku to já taky ;) tak se jukni a je to remix,ale je to krásný!

Jsem zvědavá co?

7. srpna 2009 v 12:47 | Akiko/Aoy Hytsugaya |  Naše kecy
Hlavně se nekoukej pöd perex

Poník..tvoje štěstí.

7. srpna 2009 v 9:59 | Akiko/Aoy Hytsugaya |  obrázky
Mně to prostě nedalo XD a musels jsem to sem dát XDDDDDDDDD

Dark Moka

6. srpna 2009 v 16:55 | Carmen Hatake

Pro mě od veju/shKy...chanQ

6. srpna 2009 v 14:13 | Akiko Hytsugaya |  Od vás pro mě
Ahoooooooooooooj tady jsem se u veju/shKy...chanQ vyplnila bleskovu a¨musím říct,že je to kawááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááái!!!!!!!!!!!Moc ti děkuju je to náááááááádherné!!!

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